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        Our advantage

        Quality, from profession

        Perfection, from details

        The pursuit of top quality product

        Is Zhongcheng People’s eternal goal


        50,000 tons + 50,000 tons

        We own five 12500KVA silicon furnaces in Yunnan Province, with annual silicon metal production capacity of 50,000 tons. We also have  silicon  powder facilities and R&D centers in Urumchi City, Xinjiang Province with annual grinding capacity of 50,000 tons. 


        Experiences Over 20 years 

        Senior trustworthy management of our team has more than 20 years’ silicon industrial experiences, professional techniques integrate into every detail.


        Control Raw Materials’ Quality

        We have our own silicon mining, smelters and grinding plant, strictly quality control of products’ from raw materials, so as to maximize customers’ interests.   


        Understand Customers better

        Our team serves for both domestic and international well-known Aluminum, Organosilicone, and Polysilicon enterprises at the very beginning. We actively participate in global silicon industries’, upstream and downstream industries’ conferences every year, uptake advanced industries’ experiences, integrate overall resources. We know market better, we understand customers better! 

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